Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am such a THIEF.
I stole some frozen steak burgers from my stepfather BILL the other day and I cooked emup last nite and THEY SUCKED!
I think it was horse meat or dog parts.
whichever you think would taste worse.
no flavor.
*****i think I need to go buy an orange for my dinner recipe tonight.
the zest of an orange***** and garlic****
and every night I consider drinking a screwdriver or some sort of vodka combo but I dont.
and if I actually do mix something up I think it tastes gross.
maybe I need someone to MAKE me a drink.
I wanted to go to bartender school.
the other day my stepfather said something about drinking some tequilla with him and I was like "uh no. I dont think so."
and I was really shocked that he could be so dumb and clueless.
I wonder if he reads my blog?
surely not.

and I am a very nice and sweet person with very deep feelings and thoughts.

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