Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i know what youre thinking

do noodles go bad?
I have too many bags of noodles in my pantry thing cupboard? there must have been a sale.
anyways I have noodles.
I want to throw them out.
i also want to get a suntan but I also dont want anymore freckles or moles on my body.
my skin is not meant for the sun.
but I still crave it.
I have been thinkING about setting up a NEW flicker account.
buzznet is full of stupid annoyng things.
sorrry if you are a buzznet freak azoid playa but I think buzznet is whack and I hate using it BUT its there and I am a lazy slob and dont like accounts and cant remember passwords.
I have a flicker account BUT I forgot the log in info and its being all GAY and sayin that It doesnt rememeber me AT ALL
I have an old katfran buznet account that i cant get into EITHER!!!!!!! PASSSWORD FUCKS~
so its a dilemma after fucking dilemma around here but you know thats how I like to roll.
nothing is really that big of a deal.
you should have seen me the other night when I was screaming at my navigation system in my head while driving.
I was going to murder someone.
it was funny.
and my kness are so stupid because they act like they are 80.
i hope I live my life over and over and over again until I get it all right.
that would be the best for me.
I could live withthat.
next time.

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