Tuesday, May 15, 2007

whenever I think of you oh darling

wouldnt you know I could not sleep last night. shocker.
the dreams I have are enough reason to stay awake. quite disturbing.
revealing too much about myself to myself that me NO LIKEY.
i am still sitting around in my wet gym clothes. thats gross.
what am I waiting for?
I watched some videos just nows and thought about posting some but then I got reallly bored and did not want to bore you as well.
SO Mike myers the CAnaadian comedian was on LETTERMAN LAST NIGHT and he reminds me of a deceased boy named Chris that died my sophmore yr in HIGH school.
he died in a car crash.
a son of a local cop drove his jeep cherokee like an asshole and flipped it over.
Chris was sitting in the way way back were there is no seat so he was thrown from the car.
My boyfriend at the time who we will call COREY was in the car and he held Chris as he choked on his blood and died.
they were ditching cause it was finals week.
I was sitting in my art class all done with my final and all the boys stormed into my class room DEMANDING that i be let loose to discuss an "issue" cause they were "peer helpers" haha and my teacher was all NO FUCKING WAY BOYS so I was all bummed out.
then they got in that accident.
it was pretty devastating. I often think that being the only girl hanging w all those young boys I would have been forced to sit in that way way back area. who knows?
I did not go and I did not die.
but Chris Reagan did and he was my friend and he was funny.

my chest and abdominals hurt.
and maybe my brain also.

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