Tuesday, September 08, 2009

so far... for the most.

P8281741real fast I am gonna see how fast I can do this cos I have a TON of shit to do and I do MEAN a TON its just like never ending and I CANT STAND IT but I am joking cos I obviously CAN stand ANYTHING thrown infront of me.
but what I was gonna say is how I have a massive amount of unfolded and unsorted clothes about the size of your EGO my side of the bed and tis aboutfucking time I fucking handle it before it handles ME and I lose my fucking cool and trash it all like a BAD relationship. only to regret it later.
just like my green skirt. gone with the wind because stupid me thought I did not need it but I did. I really did.
I cant even start down the thinking about it path right now.
Why do that with my energy and have it spiral into a long list of WHYs and goodbyes?
LIKE WHY DID I EVzer move away? WHY did I get rid of all THE other AWESOME shit? insanitttty.
CLEAN it UP and look carefully before you throw it out!
so moving on
I had to FORCE feed myself some oatmeal this morning and WE all woke up late because none of US like SCHOOL or WORK we just wanna beat on the drum all day and smoke tons of it and eat junk all DAY everyDAY cause that is the life of a rock star and we are rock stars and you know our name from the neighborhood and if yo dont you must not know your own name.
OK well.
also I was gonna say that the above photo is dumb and I am like zoned out on PURPOSE
evrything happening is for a purpose
I took it infront of the next town overs best kept secret pizza place and it was a few Friday nights ago and since then I have colored and cut my hair. and I have become even BETTER looking.
have a Tuesday.

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