Monday, September 21, 2009


P9152030i am so sick and tired of signing in.
its just enough already
and for this.
hey did you notice the missing quotation? i did.
silly mistake.
so anyways I did not mean to start off that way.
I changed birth control pills and its been a fucking disaster for me.
not really. I am giving out personal info and
always going against better judgement
BUT really my first instinct is honesty so thats why it flows so freely and naturally out of me. is that selfish? is honesty selfishness? no I dont think so.
so these pills made me totally skip a period and made me FLIP UPSIDE DOWN and INSIDE out over it
and I missed a party to BOOT!
And i don't mean to blame my actions and reactions on hormones and chemical balances but what the hell.
might as well.
made jello shots for the party i did not attend, felt like a lunatic
and MAYBE just MAYBE thats the time when its best to stay home.
so turns i am a good decision maker. maybe the forces were forcing me to stay home. could be true.
You dont really know anything about how the forces work. do you?
BUT YEAH I know that when you change your outfit and wash your face 7 plus times its done.
down for the count over.
@ 11 pm when you are resting on your kitchen floor in spandex leggings w a jello shot platter beside you,
tired from alll the self destruction and self loathing
you could say the party was over before it ever started.
i never really had a spandex anything on, but it was coming to that.
and finally in the end it all added up to nothing.
and I had a cold.

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