Tuesday, November 03, 2009

thought it was a plus but it was a minus

PA302498PA312511Yesterday was a full moon, my b-day and a total full-scale karmic experience.
what can be done to stop it?
Very noticeable and very natural.
So much more going on with everything and everyone
too complicated and dumb for my head or yours to fathom or work out.
but yeah what the hell? thanks?
PA312509But hey you can rest better knowing that my halloween party decorations are obviously way better than any your friends placed on their chandeliers and hallways.
maybe decorations aren't everything.
Stupid me misplaced my camera so I did not take as many pics as i wish.
too busy running around getting in trouble and looking silly I guess.PA312514 PA312517
whatever next year i will be better prepared or I wont give a damn.
Of course next year will be different for all of us in many ways just as this year was different than last blahblah what HAVE you.

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