Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what are you doing?

that was an oddballish birthday celebration lunch day for CECE
the terrible fire was happening so the skies were filled with doom and gloom
and much to our surprise fireman were scattered all over the joint
eatIn and chiilllin w potato skins and brew
some in uniform and some not.
I was a lil emotional over it.
but I kid cause I am not exactly sure what they ordered.
my camera was acting wrong.
that was weeks ago
and i think the fire is under control. I am no longer hacking up ashes.
Another odd thing happened
I had thefish tacos pretending to be "lowfat"
but like I said that was weeks ago and tonight I am gonna make pudding. TRADER JOES has all SORTS of AMAZONG new MERCH! I was like THIS IS THE BANANAS! i should really show you and maybe trader joes would be interested n hiring me to be their PUBLICIST!
my toes are so rad right now.
you can rest assured you have never seen toes as bodacious as mine.
silver glitter and stripes! and more! on my toes.
I don't wanna worry anyone or anything but tomorrow i am gonna shoot a GUN!
practice you know.
for the day I need it.
but no no i would never need it but its still gonna be very cool and I MIGHT take some video and upload that for fun and stuuff.
like anyone cares.
I will try to be more for you another time.

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