Friday, October 02, 2009

amazing and smart

wannna know something cool that I once did?
whipped up some coookies real quick like for fun!
total unplanned baking because I am a fun mom with nothing but FUN on the agenda.
anyways I just like cookies and my house likes to smell like them so its like ok WHY NOT?! AND WHATEVER! all AT ONCE.
OF COURSE already I have had way tooo many and I did not workout this morning CAUSE I had to grade papers like a good room mom.
Tomorrow I will RUN around the block a few times or something wild like that.
we all need to run more. my dogs need it for sure.
this is coolnews -
something is wrong with my pool pump!!!! lets celebrate! and party!
i can hear a hissing noise and a bubbling noise coming from the outside where the pool is located.
The windows are all open because it is a GORGEOUS day here in tHE A V. with a slight breeze.
havin the windows open is the best but I think maybe brings in the bad air.
I heard that on the news.
THIS one thing I just looked at really annoyed me. i hate that.
The temptation to go into it in depth here on mY blog is there but I wont even bother fully but will say a few things about...
FIRST CLASS and fancy pants people
yes yes you are so tres' legitimate, pleasurable, accomplished and cool.
we are like so beneath you
you and your stack of phony baloney
the people who wear braces at inappropriate times in life.
like in times of ADULTHOOD.
if you can vote, DRINK, and/or SUCK A DICK you should not be seeing an orthodontist to have your hardware tightened.
I mean really?! are you serious? maybe if your grill is really messed up bad get invisaline or whatever the fuck.
or are you afraid to be a real live adult.

well now all the fucking papers are flying off the fridge!
i gotta go.

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