Sunday, November 08, 2009

full of knots.

PB042583All the weirdo neighborhood kiddies end up in my yard.
TO be honest I dont really know how to deal wth these children and so therefore I wish they would go play and yell and be dumb else where or be normal.
Really that is asking a lot and I guess I would rather have them here instead of in their sad, boring, lifeless, fucked up, dirty homes. I dont know if that is true but I imagine.
My home is still kinda A mess with left over HALLLOWEEN decor here and there scattered about. so I should be ashamed.
but its fine ok dont worry
I will have it done so soon, you will be like WHERze DIDz tHATZ shitz goez?!
I will be like YEAH and yep.
put away,
in bins. YOPB062685
I just waannna be at the gym tomorrow feeling good, looking around and thinkin about the days of our lives.
Is that soap stiill on?
We have some xmas tree shaped brownie cakes up in this joint and I am LIKE huh? serious?
I need to fill my glass up.
I have no money.

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