Thursday, August 13, 2009

I must brush my teeth and leave

restroomhi sorry you kathryn addicts for lack of
anyways I have been eating candy and now I think I have to poop.
milled flax seed and chocolate does wonders.
its the truth.
I about to go on a mini bike ride. i dont think its that hot out today and thats a nice thing.
1005 is way to hot and thats how hot it gets in this VALLLEY.
I am a valley girl.
like for sure and junk.
i always leave my house too early so NOW I am trying to not rush around but I have this URGE to get up and rush around. the anxiety over being LATE! and more.
i am still cleaning up from all the PARTIES I have been THROWING
LIKE right now i see a wad of blue napkin on a shelf.
and thats really dumb.
why place a napkin there? who did that?
I know it was not YOU because you cant come here and do that in my upstairs living area because I would knock you out!
ok. I cant wait any longer I really mUST GO!
i wll TRY to come back again soon and do another little short fun story but most of the time I don't feel like.

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