Saturday, July 04, 2009

oh pleease you and your 4th of july

beachfruit bagtubeonthebeachdrewcece and daughterP6281190sarabdaycakedrewonbeachbirthday cake
I have so many more pictures and so many explanations and excuses that its overwhelming
so so so many, SO MAANNNNY
I am reminded that we really need to get to a dodger game. ASAP.
and I will take MORE PICTURES.
thinking about it causes me to feel anxiety.
so why travel down that path? why bother?
i like to rely on my inner clock. very trustworthy.
bugs have been biting me and I swear one bit me on my face.
i wish it would have bit my face OFF.
not really.
i have not been to the GYM for awhile due to all the FUN being had and the having of the fun and that needs to stop.
cause like right now I cant sit here cause like you know
I gotta go have more fun.

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