Wednesday, July 29, 2009


P7271584as of late I have been staying up till threeish am because of a few things.
one combined reason is i love threes company and I also love the company of my farm animals on my pretend farm I manage on facebook.
its fun.
i like redondo beach
went on a trip down the freeway that ended up in redondo beach and eventually back home again
at 1st I was acting like a little girl and was scared of the waves
cause we all have a history with the ocean.
but all I kept hearing was warm water this and nice warm water that
so I bucked up and went in and swam around
I can still feel the rhythm now.
afterwards we all ventured off to delicious mexican food on a tiny patio at
el gringo
I ordered the blackened mahi mahi burrito and finished it about an hour ago in my kitchen. very yummy.
I eat too late everynight.
i just cant help but be a midnight snacker.
but yeah so the beach was fun and the waves and the sand and all that soothed my soul.
i should have taken more photos.
but everything is flying by so quickly I can barely pay attn as IT IS.
i never know if I should post the same pictures here that I post on the famous FACEBOOK.
that place has really taken away from my time here.
how much more ridiculous will my life become?

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