Thursday, October 22, 2009


PA162236ok. concentrate. focus and breath.
my gramma is messing with her hearing aid and its whistling loudly.
being old is juts not cool dude. dont let it happen to you.
and dont cheat on tests.
life is full of tests. such crap.
ANYWAYS I did kick boxing today for the 1st in awhile because of reasons I cant control and thats not FAIR!
but what was the point?. OH YES FUN! it was HELLA KICK ASS FUN today in that class and I felt great.
I wore my owl thermal today. I like that top.
oh my friends think you have bad bodyodor or oh wow I ate too much burrito today
oh thanks you called me fat
oh look my dog is out of kibble oh my mom is a moron oh that bird looks like an asshole oh btw you have stupid looking ears
oh that ceramic elephant is talking to me about the economy OH HEY I LIKE to eat chemicals oh yeah YOU smoke too much dirt weed oh yes I look like a maniac in public I am about to go mental all over this aisle of jellies and jams and nutella and fucking peanut butters and honey and other spreads!
I WILL. and bread is dumb today. I am sorry you cant take the honesty and reality of the world.
I helped out and sold some BOO grams at the school today and I wore the SPOOKIEST EARRING ever!
the kids were ALL BLOWN AWAY by my coolness.
they are my grammas.
one day they will be mine.

drink some juice.

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