Monday, November 16, 2009

the respect I made you earn

PB022550_2i have been searching for things. this certain hair glaze stuff for my lovely shade of red to stay VIBRANT and new BUT of course you know I cant find it. I found brown and blonde and clear but no red. thats WEIRD!
so whatelse? went to target with SARA and I found some really great sleeppy and sweep the house pants BUT ALAS they were 10 bones so GUESS WHAT KIDS? yep I hid them in a gift bag in the gift wrapping lane
I am confident that they will remain there FOR months and months until the ONE day I will be able to rush in there and BUY THEM! WOOO HE! no. I will forget. who even cares about awesome pants? I have so many already.
this post is SO USELESS! except the picture above is cute and fun and I am sure I was saying something very very funny. YOu can tell this is a FACT by the way Ree is leaning away from me.
I was really treated like shit by a waitress that day.
it was the day after my birthday that now feel like ten thousand years ago.
TIME IS FLying by! AHHh merry christmas!
no no
it s not.

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