Friday, July 17, 2009

Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give.

rest assured
I will be taking more photos of myself in the fridge, cause I like that and I am gonna be all about that.
hahaha but for cereals
i am lucky to have recieved a good new mix of new songs for the ipod and I appreciate that.
I have been following no strict diet lately and not drinking much water.
mostly party party everyday and today its more of the same with a little different.
I think I will end up outside with some blended midori.
Its friday so we need to live it up and maybe buy a dress.....
cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do....
lets watch FRIDAY! I LOVE THAT MOVIE. top 5 favorite movie.
anyone own that movie?
whatever internet.

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