Wednesday, November 18, 2009


PB162751I hate signing in.
Waste of time, and fuck that.
BUT yes I still signed on and in.
what was I gonna say?
oh uh ROASTED CHICKEN FOR DINNER! and an award ceremony going on.
I would rather go to IHOP but I will keep that trip in my pocket for another lifetime.
good times.
oh yeah THE other night I told a strange lady I could no longer allow myself to be tortured by her long winded refinancing story and house foreclosure paperwork stress-talk ANY fuCking more,
and she did not even GET it, she laughed and went something like this: AHahahahahahaa mmmhmm yeah I know I am totally annoying and up in your face but i really like you and want you to hear this information.
can you believe that?!
WEll sorry,
that is a very inaccurate version of the truth but you get the point and you understand and MAYBE just fucking mayBe you have heard this story already or have been somewhere and seen the scene and you know about it.
Everyone else at the table was just going to sit there and LET it happen.
LET this annoying hag go on and fucking on about her stupid and pathetic story. it sucked. I hit my limit of being polite with her. she was feeding off it. I could tell it was getting her all revved up for more of my listening, and no. Not happening,
I dont feel that I should OR YOU should be forced to listen to bullshit from people who don't matter for over 5 minutes.
3-5min is acceptable.
If you matter to me then SURE by all means bring to me your sad sad long boring shit of a story.
I will listen. I will be your good friend
but if you suck and I dont like you please just sit there and listen to what I have to say.
I am amazing and my story is incredible.

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