Monday, September 28, 2009


most everything is done around here with the exception of all my clothes being thrown about &
my closet and dresser drawers are practically empty.
i cant explain why and you dont reallly care.
ALSO poor me was unable to join the spin class this morning which was fine.
Truth be known,
I should have never even bothered trying cos I woke UP dreading it BUT still I pushed through with two cups of green tea and tried and was denied.
imagine that!
I suppose I could have stayed and attempted another form of exercise but WHY!? HWY VENE BTHOER!
can you tell that I am with inner turmoil?
i did take a long walk till my dogs literally STOPped moving.
literally. I had to use words of encouragement.
what else?
SNL was so freakin hilariouso i recorded it and watched scenes repeatedly.
I am sure that was unnecessary since NBC will just show that one show over and over again all season cause they like only make one new episode a season right? maybe two.
well, I guess I will do some at home ab exercises with the gigantic core ball
Then I will eat a Honeycrisp apple.
If Kathryn has 4 Honeycrisp apples and eats 1 how many will she have left to share with her friends?

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