Friday, November 27, 2009

every bubble bursts

PB222832This photo is not one I enjoy sharing but I am in a bubble and therefore I share.
The angle is all wrong so I don't like it and my mouth looks enormous but I am in a bubble so its hard not to smile hard.
plus Santa was watching me close that day.
That step thing I was standing on was VERY slippery. one wrong move and i could have lost it.
the crowd of people would have loved that.
I wont sit here and continue to nitpick.
Thanksgiving 2009 was a success.
some of the items enjoyed:
20 lbs Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Potatoes au Gratin w/ BACON!
cornbread stuffing
green bean casso
candied yams
whole berry cranberry sauce
deviled eggs
apple pie
pumpkin cookies
other stuff
made the entire dinner myself.
OUr lights are up and our Christmas tree has been trimmed. or what have you.
Gramma believes it to be too early. Why? I don't know.
On a sad note I have been a tinsy bit sick.
nothing to really hold me down.
but then again nothing usually does.
showertime now and then its on to the leftovers.

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