Wednesday, August 26, 2009

you have really made it.

P8081655ok joan rivers is my least favorite person in the world. really.
my mom went to her late show once in LA and I remember staying up to see it and was totally let down and went to bed.
when was that? 85? 86?
now i think she still sucks and her new shitt show!
scary how everything stays exactly the same. P8081652
I am exactly the same person I was when I was 5 or 16.
right now
I am just waiting for 3's co. to come on.
one big new thing in my life that i can share is that I switched my birth control to another birth control and I am hoping to be rewarded with positive side effects.P8071586
tomorrow I have some goals I want to accomplish.
some goals come naturallly but some are always challenging.
I have an area downstairs that needs to be organized and set up with SNACKS and WHAT HAVE YOU.
something I have been meaning to do for OH 5 yEARS!
so really whats another day or another trip up and down these wonderful stairs of mine?
but no.
and just to let you know if I was to MEET JOAN RIVERS I would probably end up liking her and be a good friend to her.
never can tell.

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