Monday, November 30, 2009

just you and me and the others.

PB262862i just now remembered another DUMB thing someone asked me in the recent hours.
it was about my email address. I don't wanna share, jUST forget it.
it has to do with the 95 portion of the address. she asked if it was the year I was BORN!?
WHAT>! she mustve meant the YEAR I graduated? and the answer would still be no.
but I am confused. I am the one with the brain functioning problem. not the rest of the universe.
Not even sure why I brought that up right now.
the nice confused lady I speak of is maybe gonna help me get a job but apparently she thinks I am 14.
I come across as 14? maybe she is really silly stupid with math and years and maybe she was high.
we wont talk about it anymore. Its fine.
I am tired and have a toothache. its hysterical.
TOothaches make me feel close to my father. HOW weird is THAT?
I wont even begin to think about WHY and do alll that psychological problem solving.
MY tooth was being a dumbass a month or so ago and I got it handled like a good person who loved their mouth would do.
but since like Thanksgiving day something happened.
too much eating of goodness? how could it be happening again? all over again?
this post is filled with questions and riddles for us to solve. do YOu look close?
NO. not many visitors at this blog.
and dont confuse that with complaining.
back when my hits were up to 70 or so it was like too much commotion.
its better like this.
This has helped.
now its time for me to help.
Help my kitchen sink feel better.

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