Monday, August 31, 2009

give me a whisper give me a sigh

zero clue where to begin. everything I want to say sounds dumb and too DRAMATIC.
I had a realllly bad night so I woke up late and felt rushed and flustered so things got out of hand and then I missed the gym and now I am sitting here in my gym outfit like a fucking lose r and what will I do with myself NOW?!
I would threaten SUICIDE but lately when I offer that as a solution to the problem the people tend to agree and start helping with the plan. so fuck that.
it is sick really, my life.
whats really disturbing is the enormous fire blazing in the backyards of friends of friends.
I prefer NOT to cry but sometimes its a must, and thats just nature.
I will go.
no? you want me stay?
ok I will.
today is already strange enough.
I do believe in a heaven above me. maybe there we can all be happy andmaybe even shit butterflies.
and I have never lied. I always tell the truth and I am honest.
Pretty much I tell the truth and I am the most straight UP person YOU know.
I say it I do it and I do not fuck around.
TODAY is my very good friends birthday and yet I feel kinda tragic and GAY but thats what makes being around me so FUN and distracting.
and yeah.
this post is a real downer so I will post again real soon with something less faggy.
i dont want any one to dislike me

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