Thursday, September 10, 2009

here i am in your moms backyard

made a few MAHOR purchases today. a big new crock pot and a FRYER that does all sorts of amazing things with food.
WAL MART was filled with douche bags with price machines. they were so douchy but they have a good gig.
i ate some taco meat last night in my sleep. I SWEAR I am sleeping. its fucking absurd! I know.
I will stop. I will get help.
Yesterday I wasted a bunch of time on google maps
I pretend like I am a spy from another place and time.
because thats who I truly am.
it doesnt matter I am just trying to help you fill that empty space in your time.
thats all I am.
I am a helper.
and a planner. I need to go reserve my bike for tomorrow cycling class. its 1 dollar to do so.
fucking gay huh but if I am the least BIT late I will be so screwed and out of a bike. BUT really its no big whoop cause I dont get all crazy over little shit like thats. YOU know me.
but really I need to go pay one dollar.
they should just respect me and let me have one for free OR better yet make sure there are enough bikes for everyone REGARDLESS!
but thats not how my gym here likes to practice business.
i am not that serious about this.
one "FRIEND" of mine wrote a mean and nasty letter saying how BAD the gm sucks and signed MY name, isnt that something else!? or what?
once again, I don't really care and I probably totally agree with her. but what good did it do? no good really at all.
now the gym probably just makes fun of me and talks about me behind my back because I am paid upfront now for 3 yrs.
I would like to talk about this and other things further but I really gotta hit the pavement.

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