Friday, August 14, 2009

duck and cover

P8081648P8081650these photo of me and sara are pretty cute.
I slammed her face into the ground that night with my smoothies.
she said they made her do poopy all day the next day. haha youre welcome.
TODAY I have all this stuff to do today and people to pick up and drop off its insane.
YES YES YOU do it too
I am not the only one with life responsibilities. and some kids have more.
I did not even turn on any music today because I just dont have the time.
so now its easy to hear my dogs licking themselves like cats and some fly flying around
OH and I have an ant problem.
ALL BECAUSE the other day I said to some person that I have NO ANT troubles so the universe heard me say this and did something to fix that error because BY GOD! WE ALL NEED ANTS RUMMAGING THROUGH OUR HOMES!
invading our privacy.
mostly they are hanging out by the dog food and trash. which may be seen in the above photo.
or maybe I cropped it out.? I DONT REMEMBERwhat photo is being shown but yeah I am pretty sure its visible.
so maybean earthquake is gonna happen? like the ants KNOW things we don't because ANTS are actually smart.
you saw the moves.

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