Saturday, February 24, 2007


DUDE IT PISSSSSES ME OFFFFFF when scenes are CUT IN HALF in I LOVE LUCY JUST SO MORE commmercials can be crammed in!!
holy crow that makes me mad. fucking up a classic.
but I am greatful that I love lucy is still being aired.
cause I sold all my VHS tapes in that ONE garage sale.
I dont own a VCR. i think I sold it that same day.
my gramma has a scarf tied around her neck.
she is very into fashion.
She used to own a dress shop here in town.
and one of the best I LOVE LUCYS is ON RIGHT THIS MINUTE!
I am laughing laughing and laughing and will be doing so till 6.
I should set up an I love lucy season pass on my tivo or sumthing.

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