Wednesday, February 14, 2007


i bought myself a few Valentines gifts today.
1 razzleberry pie
1 baby cactus
15 dollars worth of gas.

maybe I will share the pie with my gramma kae BUT the cactus is mine and the gas is fucking necessary.
the word NECESSARY has always made me stop and THINK.
I cant stop listening to the same songs over and over and over again. i guess its like 7 songs that I keep listening to on a repeat basis.
how can I stand it???
anyways I want to say that I sense that everyone at my local gym is happier when I am present and that makes me feel nice.
and maybe that makes me feel like I am bragging and thinking I am HOT STUFF.
but what do i care?
Nobody even knows my NAME! nobody even asks me my name,
they just smile at me and STARE AT ME.
nevermind. they dont even know I am there. nodody even knows I EXIST!

Aahahahaahhahahahaahahaha funny

and I guess I am to blame for a recent outbreak of food poisoning.
damn stupid me.

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