Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sitting still combing my hair with my fingers

my mom just popped in. sorry I keep bringing her up dear blog but it just is what it is.
she left pretty fast cause she could see I was not interested.
i dont mean to be cruel but I have shit going on in my head.
and I cant be bothered.
so much in fact that I will usually hold my urine for as long I can.
because I am always doing something more important.
but eventually I gotta face the truth and the discomfort.
its the discomfort of it all that wears me down.
Its also nice to realize that there is no reason for it since I can easily relieve myself.
what am I saying here?
i have no friends. an old friend called me the other day.
and I have not returned her call. for no good reason. I can still call her up.
and everyone tells me that I ignore my dog.
what should I be doing?
patting her furry head all freaking day long?
what the fuck do people expect from me?

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