Sunday, February 18, 2007


oh jesus its Sunday and thankfully tomorrow is presidents day.
today i thought I should tell my online journal that
I sometimes drive my grammas car to church.
church really has been sucking the last few weeks. surprise surprise.
this one lady has had this foot problem for the past 6 months or more, at one stage she had a hose draining something into a baggy. thats over with now. I bet she is happy about that. but she still cant wear a regular shoe.
maybe she had a bad ingrown toenail or something. and she must cut her own hair cos its all uneven and screwy.

today the alter boys fucked up big time. everyone can tell they need to practice.

oh I went out to breakfast or brunch really and some 7 yr old brown haired kid was being a retard and throwing some tiny orange ball around the waiting area and it landed in my folded arms and i threw it across the diner and told everyone that I was not in the mood for that.
and nodody even knew what was going on.
the mom was talking all undercover about her dream refrigerator.

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