Monday, February 26, 2007

i was hoping this was a stupid phase

i wish that you could see how I act when I am alone w/myself because THEN you could really see how incredible I am.
I am wanting to switch around some of these pictures hanging around in my house.
the picture in my bedroom needs to be out here in the dining room and visa versa. or whatever.
I want that done like NOW!
but I should not do it cos I have a badhabit of really fucking the shit out of a wall when I take a hammer to it.
i keep telling myself that I am an enlightened person.
I need to keep remembering that!
dont you wish you were enlightened too!?
like me!
the summer of 97 my dad onetime told me that he thought that I was enlightended but he may have been making fun of me cause I am really a weak-minded person.
and unimportant. is that a word?

oh I saw that BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA movie and I bawled my EYES OUT OF MY FACE!
so sad. so touching.
I loved it.
go SEE IT!
you may be bored.

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