Tuesday, February 13, 2007

this is where I stand

yesterday my mom called me up saying that she doesnt ask me for much and could I please come over and taste her white cake that she had baked.
I told her NO! soorry! and I aked WHY!?
and her reason was simply COS and so I stuck with my NO and she got real PISSSSSY and I hung up on her BUT then I felt the guilt so I called her back and ASked her why it was soooo important that I taste this betty crocker cake.
its not like she did a magic trick!
I bake cakes all the fucking flippin time. I dont call people and DEMAND they drop everything to TASTE IT.
but anyways I called her back and was talking in my most sweetest voice possible and she SCREAMED NEVERMIND! and then she hung up.
thats so dumb.
now I have to go over to her smelly house.
fuck. but it gonna be a quick trip and then I am goign to come BACK home and take a shower cause I am all wet with SWEAT right now and it will soon turn dry. I just got home form the GYM!
cool huh!?

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