Monday, February 12, 2007

i havent been messing with the big nuggets & stuff

luke warm tea sucks.
i wonder if my gramma would like to see that YOUNG HANNIBAL movie
i bet she does.
oh and I saw that running with scissors movie and I fell asleep.
it seemed like I was enjoying it but then I fell asleep.
its about a crazy looney mother so you'd think it would be right up my alley.
let me think for a sec.
ok I liked it. BUT it was boring and I like boring.
I love boring.
its funny how some things change and somethings dont.
now my tea is just cold.
my mom needs new tires for her gay car and they cost like thousands of dollars and so now she is pretending that HER tire issue is everyones issue.
just thought i'd take note.
but yeah.
its cold outside.
my dog needs a godamn bath like last week.
its getting putrid.

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