Wednesday, February 28, 2007

talking to the kittens through the thick glass

you may not realize this but I am very busy.
and you might not be aware that i usually have an ENORMOUS mess of books,papers,cd's,dvd's,wires,lotions,purses,shoes,pillows,boxes,coins, cameras and walkie talkies at my bedside.
BUT I have been very aware and tonight I made it my mission to turn it into a nice and cozy looking mess. its my nook.
and now I am positive my sleep will improve.
but also am realistic that in two days time it will be all ruined and more stuff will be added. like maybe a liter box.
ya never know with me! cos I am KrAzY! and erratic!
thats how it goes.
i guess I am goign to be watching AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL from now on.
i think I hate all of those bitches, theyre all lame and dumb.
saying dumb shit and acting all whorish with annoying voices saying that its hard word to act like a lesbian.
acting like a lesbian is easy work.
and I want it to be known that I have no problem with wearing fur.
especially rabbit fur cos they are so soft especially the white ones.
and maybe tomorrow I will post a picture of something other than my face.
just to mix it up
maybe I will show you my shoes.
BTW my nails are a color called "plum attraction" & they look super nice cause I have a long nail bed.
but I dont wanna brag.

this should be interesting.

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