Monday, February 19, 2007


i got a 3lb box of chocolate on the 15th and there are like 10 pieces left and its like what the 20th or somewhere around there
way to go control!
its the 19th.
basically the 20th.
I am a mother fucking bastard sometimes.

march is soon.
the month of march.

and yeah so my gramma blew me a kiss this evening and now I am afraid that she is gonna die TONIGHT!or soon.
i am crazy and I know this because the other night my mom told me not to return if I did not win at BINGO so I was all worried the entire night becasue I was NOT WINNING and convinced myself that I was probably goign to DIE in a car accident that VERY EVENING on the way home! obviously i didnt. thanks goodness. because thats scary.
I am actuallly creeping myself out right now.
death sucks and its always right round the corner.
and I miss you already.

and I think about the BIG EARTHQUAKE thats coming too!

hey this is FUNNY
i have been swimming with sharks in my dreams. with my father.
and the easter bunny too.

OOOOOoo! RENO 911 is ON!!!

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