Thursday, February 15, 2007

containing harmful microorganisms

MOST the people around me have been ill.
the other sunday morning I threw up in the church bathroom but I blamed it on taking some pills with nothing but 2 cups of coffee inside my stomach.
I threw up 3 times that morning and i am highly looking forward to vomiting again.
its like a new beginning.
do you cry when you puke?
cause I do. its very dramatic experience for me. but then again what isnt??
but my point is that I dont want to get sick so I am nervous about becoming sick and that is making me sick.
the BOTTOM LINE is that I am forcing myself to become sick and thats just sick.

i am going to sit in my house and pretend that its summer and I'm just inside for awhile cause I need a break from all the sun and all the fun.

and seriously I must be getting sick cos candy doesnt even taste good to me right now.

keep refreshing.

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