Monday, February 05, 2007

isnt it grand?!?

i thought for sure that I would go to a stupid lame yoga class this morning because I have the desire to be very limber.
but with only 2 hours of sleep I am second guessing all that.
maybe I will still go. probably not.
tomorrow I have an exciting day of getting taxes DONE! and I am serious when I say I am looking very forward to all of the tax business.
our accountants waiting room has a lot of candy.
PEPPERMINT PATTIES! BIG ONES! not the minature size.
and a tub of red licorice! and toys. sometimes lollipops. its just the best.
ahhh tax time.
ahhhhh LIFE!
I am going to end up spending most of the day dancing around my house.
and bathing.
I will probably vacumm right now.
you do what you do.
and do it well.

OH i will blog again soon cause I am dedicated.

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