Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chew your food and don't swallow it!

i cant stop thinking about Britney Spears. is that how you spell her name?
well I am really interested in her now and cant stop thinking about her.
sometimes its pointless to even try to talk to people or to order a pizza with more than 3 toppings and have it delivered RIGHT yeah cos I got all pyched out for a good pizza this Saturday night and I called up and ordereed one with all the RIGHT toppings for me and when it arrived it was all WRONG! so I called the pizza guy who seeemed to understand what I wanted 35 minutes ago back to tell him about their pizza parlor fuck up and he was all about the oh sorrys. oh sorrry.
and then he said that next time he would give me a free topping. whatever there wont be a next time thanks!
i almost called him back a SECOND time just to express myself further but I held back.

just now I almost ate a whole can of peaches.
thats like 3 servings!

and earlier I watched back to the future 3 and back to the future 1.
in that order.

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