Sunday, February 11, 2007


i was very huffy and puffy in church this morning
Basically a recording was played to all of us with
and PLEDGE blasting out of a few very LOUD speakers for an aprox of 15 minutes.
i scoped it out to see if I could rally up some comrades and we could all like WALK OUT or something.
at least someone to mouth the words CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT??? to but nobody made any eye contact with me. darn it.
I said to my grammma that we should FUCKING LEAVE!
AND even though i think she agrreeed w/me we still stayed seated.
communion was up next.
i am surprised they didnt instruct us all to stand during the seminar.
I am bored talking about this. I was annoyed with the whole thing.
and right before it happened I think I was having a really lovely time.
i dont know. maybe I should donate some money to the church.
maybe they somehow got to me.
but no. its a scam.
fuck them.

you should have seen the orthodontists wifes fancy nails today!
made out of glass.
I am pretty sure she pledged some cash this morning.

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