Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I took some pictures of myself yesterDAY in a shower that was displayed in a home improvment store.
some turned out well.
today i am doing most things half-ass.
and still I am struggling.
I have been singing really LOUD and I have decided that maybe I should have VOICE LESSONS!
I bet I could be an OUTSTANDING SINGER!
AMerican Idol is on tonight. does anybody even care?
last night was terrifying.
the newspeople told me something about JESUS AND THE REST like the two MARYS and HIS SON!s remains have been found in a tomb!!! WHAT!?
uh well there goes that for all you faithful believers.
but I am sure that people wont believe its really THEM.
some believe that science is just plain dumb.
and there was some story about this mexican who is currently running around Los Angeles saying he is the anti-christ and people are getting these666# tattoos. mostly mexican people.

but we already know that everything and everyone is going MAD MAD and MADDDER!
its madding!!

i know where I stand.

ooooo but I am excited and feeling good cos I got some new nailpolish and blush to play with!

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