Sunday, January 08, 2006

some old lady sat in my seat

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Yesterday I did nothing but lay in bed and feel sorry for myself and everything I HAVE PUT MYSELF THROUGH in my entire life of 26 years! waaaah waaaaah. Contemptible little me.
Howbeit the night before I had a fun time doing SAKI BOMBS and eating sushi
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and our sushi dude made me this cool butterfly
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And then after that Janet joined us for some pool. Janet and I however sat and talked about how cool all the people here in the A.V. are, and how happy we were to be in the pool hall with them.
Then we chose some songs on the juke box. We choose Def Leopard POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME, Steve Miller Bands THE JOKER, and ummm I think I forgot the third song. Crap. I forgot. I bet Janet will remember.
Well we did not even get to hear our songs since the doofus before us chose 35 thousand songs.
Today I was forced to sit on the other side of the church. I hate hate hate that. I don't do well with change.


carrie said...

you're supposed to go over and unplug the jukebox and then plug it back in and pick your songs and then someone will want to beat you up.

Kathryn said...

i thinkthat people already wanna beat me up

Janet said...

Pat Benetar, dude. Heartbreaker. :o)

Kathryn said...

yes yes. how could i forget?