Monday, January 09, 2006

Hey that guy has a CHAIR FACE

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Medusa is someone I think of often and today I thought of her cause it felt as if my insides were turning into stone.
so naturally my mind went to her.
There has to be a reason for that. I always am thinking there is a reason for everything.
Searching endlessly for the rhyme and the reason.

Like there must be a reason that Jack Black and Rosie O'donnel resemble each other so much.
Like brother and sister style.
That went through my mind while watching King Kong.
KIng Kong was good. I was worried about my ADD kickin since it is a 3 hour movie but I was interested all the way through.

Now I am going to take a sleeping pill and watch 4o Year Old Virgin.


Stephanie said...

I haven't seen King Kong, but I have seen 40 year old Virgin. It was great! Really funny, I learned some new termonology myself, can never keep up with the new lingo.

pilbox said...

stumbled on ya from the "next blog" button. say, where is the pic of "medusa" from? i think jack black and rosie are the same person, and its like an extension of there performance art/actor thing. i dunno...

Kathryn said...

I found the medusa picture in google images.
Just typed in medusa and there she popped up.