Monday, January 09, 2006

If You Only Knew

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I have been trying to go to sleep real real early but I end up just laying in bed awake.
Last night I was trying to find the proper thing to have on the TV while falling asleep.
Trying to set the mood.
The night before I fell asleep with that Michael Douglas movie THE GAME.
That movie is wierd.
Last night I tried to have the movie Heavy Metal on. But it was too stimulating. I was worried that the tone of the movie would somehow affect the following day. Today. So I kept flipping the channels like a lunatic but then realized that the TV was just a big bother. SO I turned it off and layed in my bed awake. In the dark. in the silence.
And when I was finally about to doze off Tim came up stairs and began to tell me all his plans for the next day.
Sleep is just hard to come by.
And when I did sleeplast night I dreamt of being back in high school. But my classmates were people like Tim and Orlando. and the teacher was this CRAZY lady who would not stop talking to us at the sushi place the other night.
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But all I can think of writting about is sleeping and dreaming. I feel better when I am asleep.
I guess I could write about eating.
I made a pizza last night with ham,pineapple,and green peppers. It was fantastic.
I feel like eating some now but I think I will workout instead.
I may see King Kong today. or maybe I will just go to sleep.
I guess either way I am sleepwalking.

I like that Natalie Mechant song Carnival.
oh and her song Jealousy.
Natalie Merchant seems like a nerd.

I wanna get out my scanner and scan some pictures of me when I was a little girl.
and post em.
Just so I can share my cuteness.
When I was little I used to look at all my baby pictures and cry.
I felt sad to be growing up. Being ten is suckier than three I guess.
I maybe have already said that at some point on this here blog but it just seems funny so I brought it up again.
Ok Ok I am really just blabbering. and nobody likes a blabberer.
Time to go.


Janet said...

I can always fall asleep. I am the opposite of an insomniac. If I can't sleep, I count backwards starting at 500. It keeps my mind from thinking because I have to focus on the numbers and it is very boring. By 400 I am out cold.

The thing is, I feel like if I make it to 0, I will NEVER fall asleep ever again. I used to start at 100, but then I would make it to 0 which was no good. Now I start at 500.


Kathryn said...

that is weird.