Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Like who are you?

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HEy! ya know how Ramyi has her lipped peirced? Well she does and I SOoooo wanna copy her.I think it is SO AWESOME AND I WANNA BE AWESOME.
I actually dreamt last night that I was visiting her and fil.
We were having a blast and I did not even talk about my troubles once! We just were chillin and laughing and playing with Cid. But it was just a short visit. Like a weekend. Toronto seems nice. ANYWAYS. yea.

My dreams are filled with my imaginary friends.

So I thought my hair appt was today and I was all pumped to hit the salon but then realized it is actually for tomorrow. Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo that happened and then I ate some sushi as usual then I came home and jammed to some HEART!
I talked to my sister today. For like 70 minutes! I have a lot to say. I could probably still be talking to her cause I talk in a swirly pattern.
Then I went to the pharmacy. And some girl looked at me and made a funny noise while on her cell phone and I think she was shit taliking me. Probably there to get the morning after pill or something, stupidirtyslut!

SO from the pharmacy I did a bunch of other stupid uninteresting things.


carrie said...

it is adorable that you are dislexic. i don't want you to change it.

Kathryn said...


Kathryn said...

I post and edit like one thousand times

carrie said...

dyslexic. i spelllllllt it wrong.

a lot of times i do that too cuz it never looks right at first.

nicole said...

Kathryn - don't you mean ah ah (see above comment)? xoxo