Wednesday, January 11, 2006

just hand me the knife and i will hand you a smile

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I type out a lot of stuff and then I read it and then I delete it.
So I just end up having nothing to say.

I almost ran over a young boy today.
I was picking up my favorite JANET!
and started backing up to drive over to where she was and a boy was behind me.
I did not see him so I just starting on my way but then saw him so I came to a quick HALT!
I was so upset that I started to roll down my window and tell him how deeply sorry I was and how dumb I am and he just kept walking like nothing had happened so I was like alright cool.
That was scary.

I also had a trip to the library to get online for a bit.
And it involved all this silly rigamaroll like PIN's and crud so I said FUCK YOU LIBRARY! and I left.
and from there I almost hit the boy.
In that order.
And I did get my hair done and sipped on some cucumber water.
But that happened first.

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