Friday, January 26, 2007

this is a touchy subject

Because I was feeling bored I made myself a piece of toast.
then I felt fat AND bored.
I also drank an entire can of soda!
usually I like to only drink half and leave the rest to go to waste.
also today I wasted a whole pack of sliced mushrooms.
$2.69 down the drain.

This is the second Friday in a row that I have watched reality TV.
i wonder if I will keep that up.

wrong number phone calls mess me on up for at least an hour after it occurs.
i cant get over it.
I will continue to ask myslef questions about it.
who did they ask for again?
well there is nobody here by that name.
why did Sergio give tht person my number??
is this a prank call?
did they say another name?
did sergio have my number before i did?
will they call back again?
is that his girlfriend?
is she mad?

wrong number calls are exciting.
and sometimes the wrong number callers ID will pop up "PRISON" on my ID thing and thats even MORE curious.

my uncle used to try to make friends with wrong number callers.
I think he was mostly drunk though.
and convinced he was being spied on.

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