Saturday, June 02, 2007

without assistance from a human being

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well there is BRAD.
he left my house for the weekend to go do whatever it is that he does.
he is 22.
he will be back probably like tuesday or something.
i watched CLICK last night for the 1st time and bawled my eyes out.
it was very sad to me. especially when he was saying goodbye to his father and he had to watch himself be a dick.
thats sad.
but in the END everything was reversed and he was YOUNG again and got a new CHANCE.
this morning at the breakfast table I announced to my husband that I would like to have that remote and fast forward to MY funeral and he said he would like that too.
i am sure he was just kidding and I am sure that I was just kidding too.
I would not fast forward one bit.
well, maybe.
i should put my bathing suit on.
I really wish I had some nice suntanning lotion.
I only have SPF 45 and aloe vera after sun lotion.
I willl have to use some olive oil.
that would reallly clog up the pool filter I bet. my uncle BOBBY used to have rules about his swimming pool.
that was his rule.
and my mom would be all FUCK YOU BOB I AM WEARING MY ThiCK ORANGE SLIME!
and she did.
and he would be like GOD FUCIKNG DAMMIT DONNA!!
and I would just sit there and listen.
but this post was going to be about BRAD.
i feeel like i dont know him that well.
but I feeel that way about everyone.
i remember yelling at him a lot and I hope that did not cause any damage.
he met me when I was 16.
he was 11.

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