Wednesday, June 13, 2007

somebodys gonna come undone

I kicked up my workout routine today by adding on 30 minutes of RUNNING. yipppy do.
has anyone seen DEJAVU with denzel WASHINGTOn?? WELL I HAVE.
and my opinion is it is pretty ridiculous and SILLY and impossible.
time travel and nonsense
still very entertaining and alright.
i would say it is best to stay right here in the present time. dont you agree?
yes. for the most part.
and oooh I made like 3 gallons of some terrific salsa and its ALMOST PRACTICALLY ALL GONE! WTH?!
guess thats what happens when everything you make tastes fucking delicious.
I had some salsa on my scrambled eggs this morning.
I am on a diet.
NO MORE SUGARY SWEETS. unless it is light and its been awhile.
and NO MORE eating after 10PM!!!!
these are not rules they are guidelines.

i think there was somethng else that I wanted to say about the GYM but I totALLLY forget now.
or was that a dream?
what if I cant tell the dif. between dreamworld and nondreamworld?
I am screwed.


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