Sunday, June 17, 2007


oh my christ it just took me a lifetime to get logged on to this bitch.
and if that shit happens again imma be like FUCK IT and just be like whateva cuz
i already DONT CARE.
i am like a dead beat dad to this blog.
and you know how that goes.
in other news
I have seen many new baby birds around my house.
one was a baby hummingbird.
she was so sweet. i wanted to dip her in marshmallow fluff.
I killed a baby spider while showering in my shower this weekend.
heres the story
baby spider was walking up the shower wall
very very tiny so i didnt know FOR SURE that it was a spider
BUT thankfully for me I am smart and informed
spiders have 8 legs
and so after looking almost uncomfortably close and counting all eight legs I confirmed THAT YES it was IN FACT a baby spider.
so proud of myself.
For a split sec I considered letting baby spider try its way through the rough and scary world just because it was so tiny and so innocent but then I splashed it with water and down it went down the drain.

its time to watch seinfeld.
isnt a new season of curb your enthusiasm coming soon???????

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