Monday, June 11, 2007

rad dad

i gave a few items of clothing away to a 16 yr old girl.
she seemed jazzed.
she is a HUGE HArry Potter FAN AND she met some important webmaster this pastweekend at a greek orthadox church.
but I am totally clueless.
what is she meaning?
it was very interesting and I asked if she took some photos and she said NO.
I was sad about that.
i cant even concentrate on anything presently
because my right knee is flipped out and hurts so very BAD.
its difficult for me to admit that it hurts.
because I want my body to be working perfectly.
maybe it would help if I took a walk?
did I fall down?

and I cant NOT believe how the MEDIA is making PARIS HILTON out to be so important to everyone.
its really FUCKING MAAAADDENING!!!!!!!

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