Tuesday, June 19, 2007


just painted my twenty nails DOWN RIGHT RED.
my right hand looks the worst and my left hand looks the best.
together they are perfect.
sunbathed for about an hour and twenty minutes.
my dog Roxie seemed annoyed the whole time and didnt even go into the pool
she smells bad and I may have mentioned something about giving her a bath MYSELF!
but I forgot.
maybe that is why she was acting like a brat.
welll sooorry roxie dont be sore about it and ruin the day.
I think Roxie reads my blog.
and speaking OF SORE> I am really very sore between my legs all because i thought it'd be clever to take a cycling class yesterday. but its fine. I dont care. just thought I would bring it up here.
Its TACO TUESDAY and I rented RENO 911 MIAMI THE MOVIE out of a vending machine.
I couldnt resist the tempation.
and I bettter make some salsa right now so it can chill in the fridge for awhile so hopefully my nails are dry enough for that.
i should have made the salsa first THEN gone on to do my nails.
but actually now my nails are dry and the colorful fresh produce will look so nice next to my ffreshly painted fingertips.
i plannned it all out perfectly.

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