Sunday, June 24, 2007

told ya YO

i am having people over for my Grammas K's birthday lunchparty today
its going to be delightful and the mosaic work should be done in the church this morning! thats fresh.
and I think my mom has two new dresses for me and I dreamt they sucked.
too tight and just not me, but that was A DREAM.
I have been TOSSING and TURNING AND basically living IN HELL in my sleep.
it feeeels like I cant lay still and I consider just getting up and going about life WITHOUT sleepytime.
isnt is FUNNY how we all NEED food and sleep to SURVIVE? I am always thinking about that funny stuff.
water too!
do you ever dream one thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again all night long until it drives you to INSANELAND?
well i do.
i keep meaning to either take sleeping pills or drink more alcohol
but silly me forgets.
sleep will eventually get fun again
even though naptime is still fun I think today I will skip rest.

i bought a huge tub of flowers yesterday and the most fantasic chicken salad ever.

see you tomorrow?

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