Friday, June 29, 2007

if it's all the same to you, my friend

that was my husbands lunch from a few days ago. a spider sandwich.
softshell crab.

that was my baked potato wits seafood inside but it was more like mashed potato. fatttty.
but sooo yummmy in my tummy. i didnt eat the hush puppies.
a new restaurant openned up right down the street and we ate there on wednesday and AGAIN YESTERDAY!!!!!!!
we are bad like that.
**no pictures BUT the calamari that I ordered yesterday was freakaudaciously thiCK.
the lady Jeanette owns the joint and Jeanette seems a little nervous about her business.
I was saying in the car that she should STAY in the bACK cause her social skills bloW!!BUT when I said this to TIM he said some stuff that made me feel like a bitch and got me to thinking GOSH HOLYHELL maybe I SUCK AND MAYBE MY SOCIAL SKILLS BLOW>?
i was expecting that the lady jeanette or whatver was going to be really happy and SURPRISED to see us again the NEXT DAY
you know what I mean?
we WERE JUST there the day before.
this isnt even true
you can just go ahead and always believe that the way I remember things back to you is all mixed up and wrong.
I made the easy pancakes for breakfast but I made the fancy cofffee drinks w/ the foam.
i must remember to buy some skim milk.
i know you care.

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